Carousel Cinemas at Alamance Crossing, Burlington, NC

1090 Piper Lane
Burlington, NC 27215
Phone (336) 538-9900


Order tickets online by choosing a showtime Accepted Credit Cards
2D-BOOK OF LIFE (PG, 103 min.)
2:50pm 5:00pm 9:20pm
DRACULA UNTOLD (PG13, 100 min.)
12:45pm 2:55pm 5:05pm 7:15pm 9:25pm
3D-BOOK OF LIFE* (PG, 103 min.)
12:40pm 7:10pm
EQUALIZER (R, 140 min.)
1:25pm 4:15pm 7:05pm 9:55pm
ADDICTED (R, 113 min.)
12:10pm 2:30pm 4:50pm 7:10pm 9:30pm
FURY (R, 143 min.)
11:50am 1:20pm 2:50pm 4:10pm 7:00pm 9:50pm
ALEXANDER AND THE...* (PG, 89 min.)
11:50am 1:50pm 3:50pm 5:50pm 7:50pm 9:50pm
GONE GIRL (R, 150 min.)
11:50am 1:15pm 2:45pm 4:10pm 5:45pm 7:10pm 8:45pm 10:05pm
ANNABELLE (R, 103 min.)
12:10pm 1:15pm 2:20pm 3:25pm 4:30pm 5:35pm 6:40pm 7:45pm 8:50pm 9:55pm
LEFT BEHIND (PG13, 113 min.)
12:00pm 2:20pm 4:40pm 7:00pm 9:20pm
BEST OF ME (PG13, 126 min.)
11:50am 2:20pm 4:55pm 5:45pm 7:30pm 8:20pm 10:05pm
MAZE RUNNER (PG13, 121 min.)
12:00pm 2:30pm 5:00pm 7:30pm 10:00pm
BOX TROLLS (PG, 105 min.)
12:50pm 3:00pm 5:10pm 7:20pm
THE JUDGE (R, 150 min.)
1:00pm 4:00pm 7:00pm 10:00pm
  • Adults - $10.25
  • Children (3-12) - $7.25
  • Seniors (over 62) - $7.25
  • College Students (w/ ID) - $9.25
  • Military (w/ ID) - $9.25
  • Bargain Matinee (between 2pm and 6pm) - $7.50

Carousel News

Fan Film Favorites


Formally Wayback Wednesday, our series continues as Fan Film Favorites! Show time is Saturday night, around 10 pm. Admission is free!!! Also, your vote helps choose which movies we show! October is the Scarousel!

A Nightmare on Elm Street will play October 4; House of 1000 Corpses October 11; YOU DECIDE between Shaun of the Dead or Scream on October 18; DOUBLE FEATURE of Creepshow and Evil Dead 2 on October 25; and finally another DOUBLE FEATURE on Halloween, October 31 (Friday instead of Saturday) of John Carpenter’s Halloween and Trick r Treat!

Cell Phone Policy

The Carousel Cinemas does not allow the use of any cell phone while inside the auditoriums. Any patrons using a cell phone in any capacity while the movie is running will be escorted out of the cinema without a refund. For more details, click here.

‘R’ Rated Movies

Under the current law, we do not allow anyone under the age of 17 to watch an ‘R’ rated movie without parent or legal guardian supervision. IDs will be checked.

RealD 3D Tickets

For any RealD 3D film, there will be an extra charge of $3.25 per ticket for the experience. These glasses are made specifically for our RealD 3D projector; the 3D glasses you might have at home will not work at our theater.

* No Reduced Admission Tickets Notice *

We are not accepting all passes for:

Any sneak peek or opening premiere is considered a special attraction and we will not accept reduced admission tickets for that feature. If you have concerns we will not accept your passes for a feature please speak with a manager. We will not accept passes for the following advance features:

Anime Nights at the Carousel Cinemas!

We are proud to present Anime Nights at the Carousel! Admission is absolutely FREE! Click here for more information on the upcoming show!!

October 20th: Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust
October 27th*: Cowboy Bebop: Knocking on Heaven’s Door

*On October 27th we will be holding a Cosplay Contest! Check out our Facebook page for details:



Upcoming Releases

  • October 3: Annabelle; Gone Girl; The Hero of Color City; Left Behind
  • October 10: Addicted; Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day; Dracula Untold; The Judge; One Chance
  • October 17: The Best of Me, The Book of Life, Fury; Kill the Messenger
  • October 24: John Wick; Ouija; St. Vincent
  • October 31: Nightcrawler; Saw (one-week re-release)

Please note that this schedule does not reflect what films will actually play at the Carousel. Release dates are subject to change without notice, and not all features will be available to play at all locations. Films that are marked as limited may not play in Burlington, but may play at our sister theater the Carousel Cinemas on Battleground Avenue in Greensboro.